About Us


Our UK design team create exceptional, original lighting designs that add individuality, excitement and ambience to any home, inside and out, big or small. Our designs are sold through a selection of specialist retailers chosen for their knowledge, expertise and ability to offer a great customer selection experience.

We also offer an OEM design and manufacture service for those who want a lighting range to complement their business under their own label. We excel at this and have a long track record to prove it. Please contact us atsales@darlighting.co.ukfor more information.

Our founder's values of bringing design and creativity to a functional and technical product, using the best quality materials and treasuring the value of craft skills and excellent workmanship, still underpin our thinking today.


därlighting is still a family business. We have been based in Banbury since 1974 and grown steadily by pursuing our mission of bringing good design and inspiration to home lighting. Today our team of young British designers share this passion. By tapping into world design movements through travel, international design shows and festivals they follow fashion, material and interior trends, always looking ahead to the next season. Capturing the main themes, colours, surface patterns and styles they create unique lighting fittings that consistently match the demand for innovation and new looks in an accessible way that has the ability to enhance any existing interior style whatever the budget.


We have come along way from weaving organic shapes in the spare room and driving around in a little van but we are as dedicated to providing a quality and service to match our products as the day we started.

我们与我们所在供应商的关系,在那里,英国,欧洲,印度和亚洲建立在随着时间的推移。这确保了我们相互了解,彼此尊重并工作到相同的质量值。我们定期审核供应商,并致力于国际社会和道德责任标准。我们赞扬联合国可持续性的17个目标 - 它将为所有人提供更美好的未来。

Our retailers are a vital part of who we are. They are our family. These are the people who sell our lights. We have been working with some of our retailers for over 40 years. We never take this for granted and it is something we cherish as being very special. Service is a journey that is never finished. We continually work to improve the service we can offer through our products, our way of doing things and our deliveries. We are here in Banbury ready to take your calls, hear feedback and solve issues.

Our brand is trusted because we are always available, standing behind our products and ready to help wherever and whenever we can.